Techopedia explains Cybercrime

Common types of cybercrime include online bank information theft, identity theft, online predatory crimes and unauthorized computer access. More serious crimes like cyberterrorism are also of significant concern.
Cybercrime encompasses a wide range of activities, but these can generally be broken into two categories:
1. Crimes that target computer networks or devices. These types of crimes include viruses and denial-of-service attacks.
2 . Crimes that use computer networks to advance other criminal activities. These types of crimes include cyberstalking, phishing and fraud, or identity theft.


Cyberbullying is a practice where an individual or group uses the Internet to ridicule, harass or harm another person. The social and emotional harm inflicted by cyberbullies grows out of – or leads to – physical bullying in the offline world.
Cyberbullying is a prosecutable offense in some jurisdictions, but a globally uniform legal approach has not yet been established.

Online Banking

What does Online Banking mean?

Online banking refers to banking services where depositors can manage more aspects of their accounts over the Internet, rather than visiting a branch or using the telephone. Online banking typically is comprised of a secure connection to banking information through the depositor’s home computer or another device.